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About Me

Hi, my name is Fionna Burgess and I live down in the most beautiful part of New Zealand in Southland.

14 years ago I had trouble sourcing bonsai pots for my own trees.  As is the New Zealand way, the only solution was to make them myself.

It has turned out to be very much a labour of love.  My journey has developed from making little pinch pots to much more intricate and practical pots.

I make whatever I enjoy now. Each bonsai pot is  individually made either on the potters wheel or by hand or slab building.

Some of our pots have a touch of "kiwiana", either with a subtle design on the rim or maybe on the feet.  Because I just make what I personally like it gives me the freedom to be creative and not make what everyone sees as the "traditional" bonsai pot. 

Creating textured bonsai pots are one of my most favourite things to do.  Texture can bring life to bonsai pots whether it be in the glazes used or surface texture that's carved in at the leather hard stage.  If done properly, bonsai pots should compliment the amazing bonsai trees I've seen around the country.

My pots are made in a small area of my husbands garage.  Over the years I've acquired more of his space to house a couple of kilns and plentiful shelving. Apart from sourcing the Stoneware clay...... I'm pretty much self sufficient.

I don't really follow the rules by making traditional pots.....they're easily imported by the thousands.  I find that people sometimes get tired of them and want something a little different....something special.....something that's a one off piece, and made by someone who is passionate about their craft.

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