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Rivots. Rivots and Drum Bonsai Pots

Approximately 620 rivots were individually placed on some "drum" bonsai pots today and this evening.

While it kept me rivoted and enthusiastic for an hour or two, after 3 hours it got just a bit monotonous.

Normally I wouldn't make more than 2 or 3 of the same pot, I decided this time to make 8 all at once.

This one had a total of 126 rivots. Yes, I got bored enough to sit and count them. I think perhaps another layer could have been added to the vee shape, as it's a little out of proportion to the extra height of the pot. (maybe tomorrow)

My pottery area got itself in a bit of a state, nothing was put away after throwing them. Tools of all shapes and sizes everywhere, as I find the best method of finding a particular tool is to chuck them all out on the table and fossick through. I don't know how some people keep their studios etc immaculate, my clay slip just seems to splat everywhere....door, walls, surrounding shelves and me! Everything seems to get wiped on my trouser leg, even though there's always a rag handy.

Eeek, kind of overdone this one. It needs more structure to the bands of rivots. Never mind, with a nice satiny earthy green glaze running down over the rivots it will look much better. Some of my best pots are the ones that are a little different.

I'll be dreaming about little rivots tonight.....the thumbs are a bit on the tired side, rolling all those little balls, again and again and again. GOTTA LOVE POTTERY!

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